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6 Tips For People Trying To Get Pregnant:

6 Tips For People Trying To Get Pregnant
6 Tips For People Trying To Get Pregnant:

1. Take pregnancy supplements:



It is important for women to take a pregnancy supplement as soon as they decide to start trying for a baby, as it provides mother and child with the best possible nutritional support. Women should continue taking a pregnancy supplement throughout pregnancy and onto breastfeeding to assist in her baby’s healthy development. Most pharmacists recommend Elevit With Iodine – a once daily-vitamin containing 800mg folic acid – the recommended dose for women who are pregnant. Elevit is also clinically proven to reduce the risk of neural tube defects, like spina bifida, by 92%.

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It’s not all up to the women to take supplements to aid in your pregnancy… men can take supplements too! Fertility issues affect millions of men worldwide, and it is important to note the antioxidants found in vitamins can protect and support healthy reproductive organs in males. Men should begin a consistent regimen of vitamins to support fertility as early as five months before they wish to conceive. Menevit is a popular choice among men – a male fertility supplement specially formulated to help promote sperm health. To see the ingredients list or to shop directly click here:

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2. Healthy Eating and Exercise


Eating right and exercising regularly is extremely beneficial when trying for a baby, not only will the woman have a better chance of becoming pregnant, her body will be stocked up with the nutrients she needs for a healthy pregnancy, as well as being physically fit to handle pregnancy and labour. It is recommended for women to include 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise into their daily routine (such as walking, cycling or weight training) as well as eating plenty of vegetables and fruit, proteins, and healthy fats.

3. Buy an Ovulation Test Kit Find out when your body is most fertile


When a woman ovulates, she releases one or more eggs from her ovaries.
Each month, eggs mature inside a woman’s ovary, with the largest pushed out into the fallopian tube, ready to be fertilized. There is only a small window each month where a woman can conceive, usually no longer than six days. The time leading up to a woman’s ovulation is when she is most fertile.
To find out their most fertile days, women should invest in an Ovulation Test Kit. These kits help you identify the days when you are most likely to conceive a baby by detecting the surge of Luteinizing Hormone in your urine, occuring 24-36 hours before ovulation. By identifying this and timing intercourse around the woman’s most fertile time, her chances of becoming pregnant are increased. Most conceptions result from having sex in the two days leading up to ovulation.
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4. Reduce your Stress



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