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Your Emergency Survival Kit

Your Emergency Survival Kit

When a natural disaster strikes we are often unprepared. Unichem Oakley Brown Pharmacy Group would like to offer our condolences and support to all those affected by the earthquakes throughout New Zealand last night.

Although earthquakes and other natural disasters are unpredictable we can be prepared for when they hit, if they hit us. A survival kit could be kept in your car or close to the front door of your house so you and your family are ready to leave at short notice if there is ever an emergency.

In most emergencies you should be able to stay in your home. Plan to be able to look after yourself and your household for at least three days or more. Assemble and maintain your emergency survival items for your home as well as a portable getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry. You should also have essential emergency items in your workplace and in your car.

Your emergency kit should contain:

  • Torch with spare batteries or a self-charging torch
  • Radio with spare batteries
  • Wind and waterproof clothing, sun hats, and strong outdoor shoes.
  • First aid kit and essential medicines
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Pet supplies
  • Toilet paper and large rubbish bags for your emergency toilet
  • Face and dust masks


Check all batteries every three months. Battery powered lighting is the safest and easiest. Do not use candles as they can tip over in earthquake aftershocks or in a gust of wind. Do not use kerosene lamps, which require a great deal of ventilation and are not designed for indoor use.

If you are currently breastfeeding or have an infant in your family it is important to remember to take their formula and nutritious food for mum with you. Family pets can be
transported in cages and their favourite blanket or toy and pet food can help to keep them calm if you have to leave in emergency.

Remember to take all necessary medication for your family with you and keep spare medication in your survival kit. It’s also important to get repeats of your medication before you run out in case of an emergency. Our pharmacists at any of our Unichem Pharmacies can sort your medication for you.

You should also remember to take food and water for at least three days with you.

  • Non-perishable food (canned or dried food)
  • Food, formula and drinks for babies and small children
  • Water for drinking. At least 3 litres per person, per day
  • Water for washing and cooking
  • A primus or gas barbeque to cook on
  • A can opener

Check and replace food and water every twelve months. Consider stocking a two-week supply of food and water for prolonged emergencies such as a pandemic.

Remember to keep in touch with your friends and family via texting if possible as power lines may be cut and calls should be limited to emergency calls only. There may be other families out there who need help or are hurt so keep the phone lines as free as you can. Check up on elderly or sick neighbours, or single parents and neighbours living alone. They may not have anyone nearby who can come and help them.

Stay strong New Zealand. Our thoughts are with you.

Unichem Oakley Brown Pharmacy Group.

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